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Growing through customer centricity and innovation.
EW Nutrition is a group of businesses built around one vision: serve customers with transparent solutions that bring reliable benefits, with reduced need for antibiotics - backed by solid R&D and delivered by a global network of local support.

Chr. Hansen is an international bioscience company that sets itself apart and develops natural solutions for the food, nutritional, pharmaceutical and agricultural sectors. For more than 145 years, we have been working for sustainable agriculture, better food, and a healthier lifestyle for a growing portion of the world's population. Our microbial solutions and fermentation technology platforms, which include our extensive collection of approximately 50,000 important microbial strains, have the power to change the game. By responding to consumer needs and global trends, we unleash the potential of good bacteria and meet the global challenges of food waste, global health, and overuse of antibiotics and pesticides. We touch the lives of over a billion people every day. Driven by our tradition of innovation and our curiosity as pioneers of science, our goal is to cultivate a better world, naturally. Our motto "To grow a better world. Naturally.” is at the heart of each of our actions.

Novus International, Inc. is the intelligent nutrition company. We combine global scientific research with local insights to develop innovative, advanced technology to help protein producers around the world achieve better results. Novus is privately owned by Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and Nippon Soda Co., Ltd. Headquartered in Saint Charles, Missouri, U.S.A.

AdiFeed has been present on the global market for 15+ years, specializing in innovative phytobiotic solutions. Our products are unique combinations of essential oils and active plant extracts that provide an effective solution in antibiotic reduction programs. AdiFeed eubiotics ensure efficient livestock production while protecting animals' well-being and preserving the efficacy of antibiotics for human treatment.

Cedrob S.A. is Poland's largest producer of poultry meat. The company, with more than 30 years of experience in the agri-food industry is an important link in the Polish economy. Today, thanks to thoughtful and consistent investment policy it supplies its products to the tables of millions of consumers around the world. The Cedrob brand portfolio includes a wide range of products poultry: chicken, chicken broth, duck and goose.

Drosed Surowiec is a supplier of livestock for the companies belonging to the Drosed Group: Drosed SA, Roldrob SA, Drop SA, Sedar SA. It has hatching facilities and cooperates with poultry suppliers in the area of chickens, including premium chickens, e.g. of the Zagrodowy brand. Cooperation with breeders is based on the fodder feeding system of the NaturAgra company, which is part of the Drosed Group.

NOACK Polen Sp. z o.o. deals with the supply of feed additives to Polish customers and tests for assessing the quality of agricultural products and food products. The company focuses not only on sales, but also offers an information and advisory service to ensure the best use of the products offered.

Niezależne Laboratorium Badawcze STANLAB Sp. z o. o. is a laboratory for assessing the quality offood, water, animal feed and environmental samples from the areas of food production and foodhandling. We conduct chemical, microbiological, histological, physical and genetic tests. We havebeen on the market for over 15 years, and since this year we have been part of the Ariana HoldingGmbH group of specialized laboratories. We have had the AB 819 Accreditation Certificate since2007. We provide our clients with advice and support, sharing our knowledge and experience.

Wipasz S.A. - Poland's largest producer of feed for poultry, pigs and cattle. Leader in the production of fresh chicken meat and the largest exporter in Poland. Creator of the "Green Farms" project. Wipasz jest nasz!